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The Artist-Dawn Kinch

Originally from the beautiful island of  Barbados, now residing in Toronto Canada for the past 36 years. My passion for fluid art painting transcends from being clinically diagnosed with chronic pain and allows me to spend therapeutic time creating masterpieces. I am captivated with the magical transformation of acrylic paint and inspired by the dimensions that my art adds to a wall whether large or small.

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Color and Canvas

The most gratifying steps in my artistic ability and process is from turning a blank canvas into something extraordinary, starts at the inception of placing the canvas in a ready position. Selecting from a myriad of paint tubes from my wide collection and imagining which colors will vibrantly blend together is my inspiration for the day ahead.

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Composition and fluid Art Techniques

There are different ways how to apply flowable paint to the surface. Referred to as fluid or acrylic paint pouring, depending on the variety of technique each composition will be different. It can range from a simple flip cup, dirty pour, wandering pour, ring pour, open cup pour, classic swipe, bottle bottom pour and the list is extensive. What is so rewarding about the techniques is you do not have to be a talented artist or an expert in drawing. This is simple for anyone who wishes to discover their inner artistic skill and have them awaken from the inside onto a spectacular composition.

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100% Original

Even if I wanted to replicate a piece that brought me profound satisfaction, it would be impossible to copy that piece. I can pull the same identical colors, mix them with the same proportions, ratio and technique, but the process that brings fluid art to life will be different regardless of my attempt. As the colors come together and glide across the canvas it appears the paint has its own ability to mastermind the outcome regardless of how I try to control it.

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Art Work

Various sizes are available. Abstract acrylic fluid art on gallery wrapped, per-gesso canvas. This is an original acrylic fluid art painting. Not copied, no print, signed on the back by the artist along with a certificate of authenticity. A continuation of the paint flows at the sides of the canvas and wraps around the edges. Framing is optional for each individual needs. Each canvas is unique as beauty is sometimes found in its imperfection.

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